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Dynamic Approach Corporate Training and Team Development

Experiential Team Development

… Building Effective Work Teams

Experiential "using experience as a base; to learn by doing"

Experiential Team Development, Level 1 & 2 Training

Our philosophy comes through strongly in the presentation of unique and dynamic programs that make up Level 1 and 2 Training.

Information on our Level 3 programs can be found here .

Firstly, research on your team needs and goals begins the process of program design and framing. Based on your goals, we develop a plan of attack to best meet your agenda. We frame unique challenges, that can be done indoors or out, that begin to put your team in situations that have them examining, experimenting and bringing to the table the necessary skills that build Success.

Activities here might include the use of equipment such as portable wooden structures, ropes, hardware, harnesses, trust falls, 'spider webs' and many other training tools that we use to build each experience.

It is through effectively debriefing each activity that the value of Level 1 and 2 Training becomes evident! By properly framing activities, we are able to facilitate discussions that focus on what it really takes to succeed as a team.

We are able to address issues that find context in questions like: could our team have done better, did we reach our goals, were our goals clear to everyone, communication, was everyone heard, how did the group support each other in taking risks, did we celebrate our achievements?

Eventually this questioning and discussion leads to a focus on how the learned skills and behaviors might relate to potential success in the workplace. Once we make this transfer on how to parallel success at work, we begin to see the big-picture and realize the goal of developing a 'set of tools' for success. That is the goal of all our Training Programs.

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